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Over the years, I've had the chance to interview some very interesting people, a few of them very well known. Here's a partial list of my interviews that are available online:

Brian Anderson, author of South Park Conservatives
Andrew Breitbart, co-author, Hollywood Interrupted
David Crisalli, president of the Reaction Research Society
Dr. Joseph F. Engelberger, robotics pioneer
Bernard Goldberg: part one and part two
Jan Hammer
Radio talkshow host Hugh Hewitt on his 2005 book, Blog, and the concept of "The Long Tail" of the Internet
Orrin Judd of The Brothers Judd book review Website
James Lileks on his 2005 book, Mommy Knows Worst
Syd Mead, artist and Blade Runner production designer
Evan Coyne Maloney, documentarian/blogger, on do it yourself video
Chris Muir, "Day By Day" cartoonist
Kerry Northrup, executive director for the German-based Ifra Centre for Advanced News Operations
Les Paul
Virginia Postrel
Glenn Reynolds, Joanne Jacobs and "Sgt. Stryker" on Weblogs
Glenn Reynolds on his 2006 book, An Army Of Davids
Steve Sabol, president of NFL Films
Kevin Shirley, recording engineer on Led Zeppelin's 2003 live DVD and Jimmy Page & Robert Plant's Unledded DVD
Allan Slutsky, author of Standing in the Shadows of Motown, and producer of the film version
Alvin Toffler


Partial List of Articles Published "On Dead Tree":
(Scroll down or click here for list of articles available online--no guarantee that links are still active, however.)


March 2005 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: 2001--Hal's Odyssey"
January 2005 Vintage Guitar -- "Unledded" Jimmy Page/Robert Plant DVD review
January 2005 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: The Yamaha CX5M: The Music Computer--'80s Style"


December 2004 Electronic House -- "Have a Holographic Christmas"
December 2004 PC World -- "HDTV on the Cheap"
December 2004 Digital World -- "Taking Sports Sirius-ly"
November 2004 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: 25 Years Into The Future--Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave"
Fall 2004 The California Business Law News -- "Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1911-2004: A Business-Oriented Retrospective"
September 2004 Nuts & Volts -- Book Review: "The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook"
August 2004 PC World -- "HDTV On Your Desktop"
Summer/Fall 2004 Smart TV & Sound -- "The Revolution Will Be Digitized: File Downloading On The Internet"
July/August 2004 Connected -- "Keyless Entry"
July 2004 Nuts & Volts -- "Roy Norman: From The A-Bomb To The Enterprise"
July 2004 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: The High-Tech Rockman Becomes the Sound of '80s Guitar"
May 2004 Servo -- Book Review: "Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports"
April 2004 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: A Phone To Far: Bell's Picturephone"
April 2004 Servo -- "The Invasion of the Centibots!"
April 2004 Electronic House -- "Frozen Fandom: The Football Junkie's Guide To Surviving The Off Season"
March 2004 Servo -- "Has The Father of Robotics Found Its Killer App?"
March 2004 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: Bulletin Board Systems: Before There Was a World Wide Web"
February 2004 Servo -- "Could The Segway Scooter Go To War As A Battlefield Robot?"
February 2004 Computer Music (UK publication) -- "Get Your Groove On: Guide To Programming Bass and Drums"
January 2004 Videomaker -- "Sports Video Storytelling: The NFL Films Model"


November 2003 Servo -- "Stars of the Silver Silkscreen" Cover story, debut issue
November 2003 Nuts & Volts -- "Catching Up With The Dummies" Smart Homes For Dummies author interview
October 2003 Vintage Guitar -- "Marshall Amps, The '80s, '90s, and Today"
September 2003 Vintage Guitar -- "The Birth of the Marshall Amplifier"
September 2003 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: How The DVD Was Won"
July 2003 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: High-Tech Surplus Stores from the 1970s to eBay"
Summer 2003 Home Automation -- Buyer's Guide, "Home Security"
Summer 2003 Computer Music (UK) � "Making Arrangements"
July 2003 Home Automation -- "Zinwell Inc. Progessive Scan Brite-View" product review
July 2003 Home Automation -- "Stay Tuned: What's Going On With DTV and HDTV"
May 2003 Home Automation -- "BioThentica SentryScan DL-200" Fingerprint doorlock product review
March 2003 Electronic House -- "The Cyber-Civil War"
March 2003 Nuts & Volts -- "Micro Memories: Happy Birthday Internet!"
March 2003 Home Automation -- "Making the Scene" (on Landscape Lighting)
February 2003 Windows & .Net -- "Internet Telephony Is Calling You"
January 2003 Poptronics -- "Virtual Graffitti: Creating Music on a PC"
Winter/Spring 2003 Smart TV & Sound -- "TV for the 21st Century: The State of Interactive Television"


November 2002 Vintage Guitar -- �Black Beauty: The History of the Les Paul Custom�
November 2002 Home Automation -- �Mix & Match: Putting X10 to work in and around your house�
November 2002 Home Automation -- �Must See TV: Choosing The Right PVR�
November 2002 Nuts & Volts -- �Micro Memories: Stone Knives and Bearskins: the early history of the telephone modem�
November 2002 Audio/Video Interiors -- �Hollywood Screenwriter Don Rhymer�s Home Theater�
September 2002 Home Automation -- �Adding a Wireless Spur to a Home LAN�
September 2002 Planning -- �Wanna Be Wireless?� (on 802.11b)
September 2002 Nuts & Volts -- �Micro Memories: Stanley Kubrick�s Computers�
Summer/Fall 2002 Smart TV & Sound -- �DirecTV Goes Interactive�
Summer/Fall 2002 Smart TV & Sound -- �IBM's Pervasive Vision: Home of the Future�
August 2002 Poptonics -- �The Atari 2600: The Cartridge Family Rides Again�
August 2002 Nuts & Volts -- �Evolution Robotics: Send in the �Bots�
July 2002 Nuts & Volts -- �Micro Memories: The Apple I�
May 2002 Nuts & Volts -- �Micro Memories: The TRS-80 Model 1�
March 2002 TecHomeBuilder -- �Internet2 Will Put Builders Into Overdrive�
March 2002 Nuts & Volts -- �Micro Memories: Xerox's Alto: The Time Machine� (Debut of bimonthly column)


Winter 2001 Smart TV & Sound � �The Changing Look of TV�Walled Gardens and TV Portals�
November 2001 Home Automation � �Buy, Sell and Build: Merging Online Trading and Home Automation�
November 2001 Nuts & Volts � �Abbey Road in a Box: Using a PC to Make Your Own Music�
October 2001 Electronic House � �Kensington Digital Photo Album� Product Review
October 2001 Electronic House� �UltimateTV� Product Review
Fall, 2001 Sport Z � �Black Gold: The Tenth Anniversary Datsun 280Z�
August 2001 Nuts & Volts � �UltimateTV: Resistance Is Futile�Or Is It?�
August 2001 Electronic House � �Living Ladera Vita� (Ladera Ranch Networked Community)
Summer, 2001 Sport Z � �I Really (Honk! Honk!) Hate (Get Out of My Way, You $&#*@!!) Commuter Lanes!�
November 2001 Audio/Video Interiors � �Dim the Lights�
Fall 2001 Smart TV & Sound � �Smart Television Showcase�
Fall 2001 Smart TV & Sound � �UltimateTV� Product Review
August 2001 Audio/Video Interiors � �Now Showing At This Office�
July 2001 Home Automation � �Masking the Mess�
July 2001 Nuts & Volts - "Raiders Of The Lost Mainframes: Silicon Valley�s Computer Museum History Center"
June 2001 Connected Home - �That�s Entertainment!�
June 2001 Women�s Day Home Building - �Lights, Camera, Action!�
June 2001 Audio/Video Interiors � �Curtains, Please!�
May 2001 Log Home Design Ideas � �Wiring the log home for the 21st Century�
May 2001 Popular Home Automation � �If This PC�s a-Dockin��
May 2001 Popular Home Automation� �Wireless World�
Summer 2001 Smart TV & Sound � �Interactive TV: What�s on Now?�
April 2001 Nuts & Volts � �Syd Mead: Visual Futurist�
March/April 2001 House of Business � �Traveling with laptop, PDA and pager means firm is always open�
March 2001 Nuts & Volts - �The Computers of the Future�
February 2001 Nuts & Volts - �HDTV 101: You Ain�t Seen Nothin� Yet!�
January 2001 Nuts & Volts - �Internet Telephony 101�
January 2001 ComputerCredible � M-Commerce: �Snaz and FierceWireless�
January/February 2001 House of Business� �How not to be a dummy when working from your home�
January 2001 Popular Home Automation � �2001 Meets �2001��
January 2001 Popular Home Automation � �A Simple Connection�
January 2001 Audio/Video Interiors � �20th Century Gems: Home Theater Lessons from the 1920s�


Winter 2000 Smart TV � �Why There is No Interactive TV On Your Cable, Yet�
December 2000 House of Business � �Turning a House into a Smarter Home�
November 2000 Photo Imaging Entrepreneur� �Creating Your Marketing Plan�
November 2000 Popular Home Automation � �His and Her Remote�
November 2000 Popular Home Automation � �Open Your Yap�
November 2000 Popular Home Automation� �No Hang-Ups: How to install your own phone outlets�
September 2000 WAP3G (UK) � �On the Road in the USA�
September 2000 WAP3G (UK) � �The Techno-Journalist�
September 2000 Popular Home Automation � �Untangling The Web�
September 2000 Popular Home Automation � �One Sharp Converter�
September 2000 Popular Home Automation� �Eye-Catching Headgear�
September 2000 Popular Home Automation� �Smart Talk with �Dummies� Authors�
September 2000 Popular Home Automation� �2010: A Home Theater Odyssey�
July 2000 CE Pro � �Hook the Good Ones: Finding and keeping employees requires creative thinking�
July 2000 Popular Home Automation � �Outdoor Automation 101�
July 2000 Popular Home Automation � �Love Your LAN�
May 2000 Popular Home Automation � �Protecting Your Investments�
April 2000 ComputerCredible - �Home of the Future�
April 2000 Utah Business � �Dig the Well Before You Thirst�
February 2000 Looking Fit - �Register Trademarks, Domains To Avoid �Net Confusion�
February 2000 Baltimore Magazine - �Black-Tie Basics�
February 2000 InnSights - �Register Trademarks, Domains To Avoid �Net Confusion�
January 2000 Popular Home Automation - �Tomorrow�s Home�
January 2000 Popular Home Automation � �Smart Homes for Dummies Book Review�
January 2000 CE Pro - �Target Farming Cultivates New Markets�
January 2000 Popular Home Automation - �Combining Rooms with Technology�


December 1999 Modernism - �Mies van der Rohe�s MR Chair�
December 1999 ComputerCredible - �Businesses and Domain Names�
October 1999 Popular Home Automation - �Tune In, Tune Up�
August 1999 Popular Home Automation �Multi-Zone Computing�
November 1999 CE Pro - �The Yanks Are Going� (Working overseas)
December 1999 CE Pro - �Fleet of Dreams�
August 1999 CE Pro - �Marketing Plans And Your Business�
August 10, 1999 Central New York Business News - �Register Trademarks, Domains To Avoid �Net Confusion�
July 1999 Security Sales - �Registering Your Web Site Name Can Cause a Major Headache�
July 1999 Bay Area Parent � �Teens Online: A Parent�s Primer�
June 1999 Life Insurance Selling � �Make the Best First Impression with Prospects�
February 1999 Planning Matters � �Become a Microstar�
July 1998 Security Sales � �New Residents Are Hot Prospects�


November 1997 Security News � �Authors Claim They Can Help Any Alarm Dealer Become 'A Master of Marketing'�
September 1997 The Transponder � �Niche Marketing�
September 1997 Security News � �What Every Alarm Dealer Needs to Know About Target Farming�
July 1997 Security News � �Helping Security Professionals Find Their �Niche��


May 1996 Custom Home Electronics � �An Established Marketing Plan Can Prevent Sales Slumps�


Home Automation Timeline
Back around the middle of 2000, Home Automation magazine (then known as Popular Home Automation) changed editors, and a number of projects I was working on for the magazine got scuttled. Several of the articles went to Nuts & Volts, and the Virginia Postrel profile I had written eventually ended up in Flak, in an updated and abbreviated form.

Also in the works (until the idea was dropped) was a timeline of home automation and an accompanying article, which I had already begun to sketch out in a rough draft. While I would have heavily revised it, had the project not been cancelled, here's that draft, which is hopefully a fascinating (if convoluted) look at the history of several of the components that are generally considered to be a part of home automation, including television, the personal computer, and X10 lighting and appliance control.

(I was of course, also planning to cover the the Internet. However, I was going to rewrite and condense material about the 'Net that I had already written, and have since already uploaded to my site, so I deleted it from the draft for brevity's sake.)

From Sport Z Magazine:
Datsun's 1980 Limited Edition Tenth Anniversary 280ZX
(There are no photos, as this was reprinted (hopefully with permission of the publisher) by a Z-car fan club. But follow the links on the article to see photos of this car.)

Partial List of Articles Available Online:

From Smart TV & Sound:
Video on Demand
The Changing Look of TV--Walled Gardens and TV Portals
Smart Television Showcase
Microsoft UltimateTV Product Review

From Nuts & Volts:
Profile of Syd Mead, Blade Runner Designer

From Catholic Exchange:
Discussing War & Anti-War with Alvin Toffler
Mies Wide Open--Two Museums Honor an Architectural Master
The Future is Now � Technology's Impact on How We Get the News
Looking Inside Tomorrow�s Home
The Brothers Judd�The Adventure of Great Literature
(Complete text of original interview with Orrin Judd available here.)
The Many Lives of Les Paul

From Flak Magazine:
Fighting for the Future (Profile of Virginia Postrel's The Future and its Enemies)

From National Review Online:
The Computer Museum History Center
Radio Daze: Is dot-com recovery on the way?
Tech Mess
From Out of the Ashes, Technology Plugs In
The Broadband Barrier
Microsoft Endgame?

From Audio/Video Interiors
Dim the Lights (home theater lighting)

From Home Automation:
Outdoor Automation
Roll With It, Baby! (How to Roll Your Own Cable)
Love Your Lan (How to install a Household LAN)
Pioneer Portable DVD Player Product Review
Panamax 1500 Surge Protector Product Review
Paperport 6.0 Product Review
Pioneer PDV-LC10 Portable DVD Player Product Review

From House of Business (now Broadband Home):
Turning a house into a smarter home

From Connected Home Online:
That's Entertainment! (Building the Ultimate Home Theater)

From Electronic House:
Connected Communities: Living Ladera Vita

From Looking Fit Magazine:
Register Trademarks, Domains to Avoid 'Net Confusion
(by Nina C. Yablok, Esq. and Edward B. Driscoll, Jr.)

From Photo Imaging Entrepreneur:
Creating Your Marketing Plan

Since 2002, News, Technology and Pop Culture, 24 Hours a Day, Live and in Stereo!

(And every Saturday on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.)

What They're Saying

Ed Driscoll says the L.A. Times spiked a column suggesting that the paper join up with older artists to give away free music. And he's got the goods.--Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post, July 26, 2007

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