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The MSM Military Smear Du Jour
By Ed Driscoll · June 13, 2006 06:42 PM · Oh, That Liberal Media! · War And Anti-War

With the Haditha story unraveling, it's time for the media's next drive-by smear of the Marines: "Hadji Girl". (Soon to be dubbed HadjiGate?)

Charles Johnson has both the video, and the story behind it:

We’ve been watching this develop, as earlier today the Council on American Islamic Relations sent out one of their infamous email alerts about an amateur music video of a song about a Marine lured into an ambush by a “Hadji girl.” At this point there’s no verification that the singer is a Marine, although it looks authentic.

And now, right on cue, mainstream media is parroting the completely bogus claims of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The Associated Press version: Video on Marine killing Iraqis draws ire.

The BBC version: ‘Kill Iraqis marine song’ probe.

Both of these accounts repeat CAIR’s blatant falsehood, that the song in the video tells a story about a Marine killing Iraqi civilians.

It does not.

The BBC’s version:

The lyrics caught on video refer to the shooting of Iraqi civilians, especially children.

Yes, this is true. The lyrics refer to killings of children by Iraqi insurgents. Not by Marines. Both the BBC and the AP seem to have missed this minor detail.

The BBC goes on:

The four-minute song includes graphic descriptions of killings, real or imagined.

The horror! We would never want anyone to hear such things, except of course in every movie made for the last ten years.

Dressed in a green T-shirt and military style trousers and boots, a man sings: “I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me.”

“As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally.”

And what they don’t tell you: the people who kill the “little sister” in this darkly humorous song are — not the Marines — but her father and brother.

The mainstream media have really gone too far this time, in their smarmy rush to smear US troops, because their vile claims, based on information fed to them by an Islamist front group, can be checked. Here’s the video in question, for the record, so these lies don’t stand unrefuted:

Don't miss it. It's no great shakes as a song or performance (Lennon and McCartney's reps as master tunesmiths won't be diminished). But without the Blogosphere, this would be somewhat similar to how the legacy media treated the Swift Vets in August of 2004--with the media reporting their opinion of the story, but without providing links to readers to access to the underlying details; in this case the song's video and lyrics.

Lorie Byrd writes that for the elite media, assertion has essentially replaced truth--and it's safe to assert that that remains true with this story.

Writing about bias being inserted into a Washington Post story about President Bush's surprise trip to Iraq today, Ed Morrissey notes:

This war has afforded the American media with a number of opportunities to demonstrate their firm conviction that they are an objective system designed to discover and report the truth. Instead, they have repeatedly shown in ways small and large that they allow their personal biases to flow into their news reporting, underscoring the widespread knowledge that they ceased being objective decades ago.
And fortunately, for America--and Iraq--it's no longer 1972.

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