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Lighten Up, Matt
By Ed Driscoll · May 2, 2005 10:29 AM · The New, New Journalism

Dave Johnston catches Matt Drudge dissing Weblogs. Of course, it's not the first time that that's happened, but I'm not sure why Matt (whose pioneering work we've long been big fans of) is so upset about his site being labeled anything:

They tried calling it ďMe-ZineĒ before, that was the word they were going to do, which also was offensive, as if the editors of the papers donít make their own decisions and itís their own version of a Me-Zine, as if Bill Keller doesnít make the decision what is on the front page - thatís HIS Me-Zine.

I just donít like these negative terms. Theyíre individuals on the internet, living out their dreams.

Too a certain extent, it reminds me of what Tom Wolfe once dubbed "the ever-clever Fielding dodge", but whereas 18th century author Henry Fielding didn't want books like Tom Jones being associated with novels (then considered strictly a low rent media), Matt doesn't want to be labeled at all, saying, "This new medium to me is too important to start maginalizing non-corporate people on the internet."

I dunno--Power Line certainly didn't sound too upset when Time magazine labeled them "Blog of the Year" last year. Maybe it helps to soften the blow to consider that the Long Tail of the Blogosphere has more consumers than virtually all individual big media outlets.

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