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By Ed Driscoll · April 24, 2005 06:14 AM · Bobos In Paradise

This past week, after flying the reasonably friendly skies to the east coast, we linked to Tina Brown's latest column, and compared her thoughts with Rod Dreher's great "The Godless Party" essay from 2003. The Anchoress does a full-frontal fisking of it, and makes a great point, here:

There is a lot going on in [Brown's] column - an admission that for the folks on the left the papal election meant nothing more than yet another political defeat. Just as they had deluded themselves on election day (a day on which Kerry’s own pollster predicted a loss by 3% points) to believe that a man who had never actually led the presidential race, who had offered neither real ideas or real military documentation, was definitely going to win the White House back for them, they had decided to believe that somehow the “winner” of the papal elections would be “some youthful cardinal we hadn’t even heard of yet, some charismatic dark horse whom the joyful crowds, so many of them young, would immediately recognize as their own.”
The Anchoress says she doesn't know when she's read "a snottier, snobbier, more relentlessly superficial, arrogant and bigoted piece of dreck" than Tina's latest column.

That column is even more fascinating when looked at in the context of last November. Shortly after the election, there were lots of statements emerging from the left that if they're going to have a chance at competing again on a national level, they've got to start taking religion as seriously as they did prior to the Class of '72.

They've had numerous opportunities to do so in the past six months, and little seems to have changed.

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