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By Ed Driscoll · April 14, 2005 11:31 AM · Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal

Mark Steyn has a nifty look at outsourcing, world trade, and a prediction, in his latest UK Spectator column:

Here’s a prediction: Europe’s dependence on immigration will in the end prove far more catastrophic than America’s dependence on oil. The immigrants will run out long before the oil does. And the demographic disaster will be exacerbated by a continent-wide version of ‘white flight’ — the abandonment of socially dysfunctional, economically moribund American cities in the Seventies by a frustrated middle class. Not all Dutchmen or Belgians will wish to follow their compatriots down the Eurinal of history. And, just as you can be a US tax accountant in Bangalore, in the age of the sovereign individual there’s no reason why a Dutch accountant can’t do tax returns for his Dutch clients from New Zealand or the Bahamas.

Permanence is always an illusion. The excuse is that, well, the big things change slowly, almost imperceptibly. But they’re changing very fast right now and you must actively embrace ignorance to be as impervious to reality as Europe’s ruling class is. High welfare costs, low birthrates, high taxes, and zero appeal to the world’s dynamic, ever more mobile wealth-creating class is a recipe for societal meltdown. But, as long as there’s always someone else to look down on, your own descent is less obvious.

Read the rest.

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