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By Ed Driscoll · November 14, 2002 01:47 PM ·

NEW MANTRA UPDATE: Gore Vidal picks up on the vast right wing media conspiracy. Michael Medved quotes him as saying:

"The same people own the media that own the White House that own the Congress that own the oil fields. They all work together to give a false view of the world to the American people."
Fortunately, Vidal's spirits aren't as low as this fellow:
One impassioned partisan in Wasilla, Alaska...became so "despondent over Tuesday's election returns" (according to the Anchorage Daily News) that he climbed to the top of a 230,000-volt utility tower and allowed the dangerous current to course through his body – in the process interrupting electrical service to more than 30,000 homes and businesses. Suffering serious burns over most of his upper body, the unhappy idealist has been hospitalized in critical condition.
Now that's bringing new meaning to the phrase, "body politic".

UPDATE: Here's more mantra mania! Media Research Center rounds up more quotes claiming a conservative media bias.

All these quotes have to be launched via a talking points memo issued by the DNC--it really is the left's new mantra:

In their quest for an even more aggressively anti-conservative media, liberals are trying the shame game, accusing their brethren of being right-wing tools: “Some of the major broadcast media are simply biased in favor of the Republicans, while the rest tend to blur differences between the parties,” New York Times columnist Paul Krugman complained in a November 8 op-ed. “Talk radio and Fox News let the hard right get its message out to its supporters, while those who oppose the juggernaut stay home because they don’t get the sense that the Democrats offer a real alternative.” His advice: “Democrats should complain as loudly about the real conservative bias of the media as the Republicans complain about its entirely mythical liberal bias.” Has he read his own newspaper?
Time's Josh Tyrangiel sort of gives away the game:
“Even if Democrats pull together on some big issues, they’ll still have to overcome G.O.P. bully pulpits in the White House and Congress — and a new reality: conservative bias in the media,” insisted Time’s Josh Tyrangiel in his magazine’s November 18 edition. His only evidence? A “senior elected Democrat” said so.
Between "conservative media bias" and the Barbra Streisand supported, "Republicans killed Paul Wellstone" theory, Democrats really risk becoming the new black helicopter set.

But hey...the truth is out there! (Somewhere left of the grassy knoll, probably.)


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